Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner

On 7th November 2016. I was on an evening call out to a property management company in Belfast as they'd had computer issues and had been recommended to them. 

As this would be a first meeting I decided I would do the call personally, we agreed I would be there at 8.15 pm at 7.45 pm I set off at 7.55 pm a call came through as I was driving. It was a very dear friend and we talked for a few minutes (phone connected to car by Bluetooth, no laws broken)

Then it happened ! About 8.01 pm my phone starts to get busy with a few notifications in the few minutes that followed, there literally was non stop notification after notification. Then just as I arrived at the call out I told my friend I would have to go, we then said bye. Just as I stepped out of the car another car pulled up, it was the owner of the company I was called out to work for. We introduced ourselves, shook hands and went inside.

I started working almost immediately and all the notifications were swiftly forgotten. Fast Forward to 10.35 pm and I've got a very happy new customer who insists on paying me on the spot (wish there were more like that !) When I was leaving he said, "I hope no one was trying to reach you, as we don't get any mobile phone reception inside this building on any network and I forgot to offer you connection to our WiFi" I assured him it wasn't a problem. We said our thanks and goodbyes. I swiftly got into my car and left knowing that Rocky (my dog) would give that doggy look of where have you been to this time and I was due a walk an hour ago.

90 Seconds into my drive home the phone has now obviously picked up a signal and the darn thing is only blowing up again with notifications (blasted phone) But... Just as I pull up at my house I look at the screen in the car and scrolling through I see the word congratulations is in almost every notification then I see the magic #SBS and the penny drops ! I've only gone and won the coveted Theo Paphitis #SBS Business Award. WOW ! 

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